Maintenance / Biological follow-up

As a long-term partner, Naskeo continues to assist you while operating your unit.

Entrusting the preventive maintenance to Naskeo is a guarantee that all the operations are performed on time and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. It allows less shutdowns, improved availability and better profitability.

To avoid shutdowns while waiting for spare-parts, Naskeo offers curative maintenance including a package for emergency spare parts.

Naskeo operates within a defined program of preventive maintenance:

  • inspection of tanks, incorporation tank, pipes
  • equipment checks: pressurization of the grinder knifes, pumps, tightness of bolts
  • oil level, etc.

The goal is to prevent downtimes in the biogas production.


Through its partnership with INRA, Naskeo developed and patented its own technologies. Naskeo received the First Prize during the 2005 Agro-Resources & Innovation Contest and was also awarded at Innovatives Technologies Companies Contest in 2005 and 2006.

Our laboratory in Narbonne is able to find solutions on issues related to pollution treatment and / or valorization of industrial or farming wastes.


suivi maintenance -laboratoire-narbonne
Naskeo’s laboratory in Narbonne
suivi maintenance-essai-pilote
Pilot center – 400m2 for pilot tests

Naskeo offers packages for biological follow-up, to check, for example: the quantity of nitrogen in the feedstock, the impact of a higher rate of volatile fatty acids..

Naskeo Environnement helps the operator to run and enhance the profitability of his Biogas Plant, first of all by setting up a hotline for operation maintenance assistance, available 7/7.
Being well advised and accompanied when starting is the key to a successful Biogas Plant: it begins with a balanced training in operation management. Therefore, Naskeo stay close to his clients even after the construction of the Plant by offering operation management training:

• Security standards to stick to for a normal management as well as an emergency management of the Biogas Plant;
• Use of the tool for supervision and running of the Biogas Plant;
• Knowledge of the chemical and biological process happening within the Biogas Plant;
• Diagnosis of malfunctioning and finding solution to solve issues;
• Detailed instruction for operation and maintenance.