Zoo Parc de Beauval


Beauval Zoo, 265 kWel Wet process

Saint Aignan (41) – France

Photo Zoo Beauval

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Project owner

 Beauval Zoo

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11 000 tons per yeay :
1 500 t of zoo manure
1 000 t of cow manure
600 t of cereal wastes
3 000 t of green wastes
4 900 t of pig slurry

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Wet Process

Continuous Stirred-Tank Reactor (CSTR). Cogeneration unit 265 kWel electricity production, injected to the grid 200 kWth heat production, used for :  biogas plant self-consumption, greenhouses and elephant winter building heating

Naskeo involvment

  • General design
  • Turnkey project including CHP with energy production warranty
  • Project management