Naskeo is expert in designing, constructing and commissioning biogas plants under the technology called “wet process” or CSTR (Continuous Stirred-Tank Reactor).

This technology is dedicated to feedstock mix below 20% DM (dry matter).

Anaerobic digestion

Organic matters are incorporated in concrete digester and post-digester tanks, mixed, insulated and heated at 37°C. Within the double membranes above tanks, biogas is stored and H2S is removed by air injection. Biogas is then sent to the valorization unit (CHP or upgrading unit).


Naskeo designed a specific incorporation system for solid wastes called ERGENIUM, ensuring the following advantages:

  • Feedstock grinding and inerts separation
  • Better organic matter degradation
  • Enhanced mixing inside the digester
  • Increased biogas production
  • Reduced maintenance costs for downstream equipment

This incorporation system includes:

  • A mixing bowl for solid wastes preparation,
  • An incorporation tank to mix liquid and solid wastes and catch inerts,
  • A grinder.

The mix is then incorporated in the digester by pumping.



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Gâtinais Biogaz – Wet process – Injection