Feasibility study

Naskeo’s feasibility study relies on the 5 fundamentals analysis for the technical design and Business plan assessment: feedstock, field, biogas valorization, digestate and communication. Naskeo brings support for project development (licensing, subsidies, etc.) and optimization.

The aims of feasibility study are the followings:

  • Validate the 5 fundamentals
  • Analyze the regulatory feasibility of the project
  • Choice of technology and technical design
  • Pricing and Business Plan
  • Proposal of optimized solutions

Naskeo realized more than 70 feasibility studies for private companies (energy and waste industries, agro food industries, entrepreneurs, farmers and institutional). The projects can be designed from 25kWél up to 10 MW. 30 projects are now under operation following to Naskeo’s feasibility studies.

Feedstock characterization is the project basis.

With the feedstock available, we study the seasonality of supply, carry on a feedstock prospection, and logistic studies, and help you contracting feedstock.

Feasibility study allows optimizing the feedstock composition, in order to define a homogeneous feedstock mix, and avoid the anaerobic digestion process constraints (detailed characterization of the quality and quantity of feedstocks all along the year).

Feedstock can evolve all along the project, following opportunities or technical constraints.

Feedstock characterization aims to evaluate:

  • The availability and seasonality of feedstock supply
  • The Biomethane potential
  • The physical and chemical characteristics
  • The quality : presence of inerts or chemical pollutants
  • The regulatory and sanitary status
  • The distance between production center and the biogas plant
  • The storage types and conditions

Possible feedstocks for a biogas project are:

  • Farming products:

– Manure (solid or liquid)
– Farming wastes
– Farming products or energetic crops
– Farming by-products

  • Local authority waste

– From waste collect
– From waste water treatment plant (sludge, greases)

  • Agro-Food industry waste, products or by-products

We study the areas, shapes and necessary transformations of the field, its topographic context, and its actual use and environmental context.

We carry out Carbon Balance and calculate CAPEX and OPEX. We establish business plan and estimate the profitability of the plant. We also conduct sensitivity studies and look after size optimization of the project (quantity of feedstock, gas flow, etc.). Finally, we study various scenarios and analyze each technical option.