Naskeo Research Laboratory

The research laboratory makes it possible to confirm the interest of a new waste, to know if its methanizer can accept more waste or to know how it is possible to optimize biogas production. Choosing the right deposit is essential to improve your operating income.

Naskeo Environnement participates in the Biomass For the Future (BFF) collaborative research program for the valorization of biomass by methanization. This programme aims to improve the valorisation of biomass at local level, derived from miscanthus or sorghum, in particular by methanisation. Naskeo Environnement acts as an expert through its feedback in the industrialization and construction of methanization processes.

Finally, Naskeo Environnement provides its knowledge on the technical and economic feasibility of biomass recovery by methanisation. A struvite research program has developed a process for recovering phosphorus by precipitation in a crystallizer. After 4 years of development with the construction of several pilots, Naskeo built in 2015 the first French crystallizer producing struvite, this demonstrator is installed on the Castres wastewater treatment plant and treats the liquid digestates of the methanizer. This program, co-financed by ADEME and the Adour-Garonne water agency, tested the technology and demonstrated the agronomic interest of phosphorus recovered in the form of struvite.

Naskeo Environnement uses an analytical and research platform located at INRA de Narbonne, the Laboratoire de Biotechnologie de l’Environnement (LBE), to carry out analyses and research in methanisation. The analyses allow Naskeo Environnement:

  • to precisely characterize the nature and methanization potential of specific organic deposits;
  • to carry out the biological monitoring of the methanisation unit;
  • to measure the methane content of biogas.

The research led by Naskeo in methanisation is carried out in three areas:

  • the possible pre-treatments of the materials to be methanized;
  • new methanisation processes, particularly in the dry process, which are better adapted to the French organic deposit;
  • and digestate valorization techniques.

Laboratoire de recherche - Logo LBE

Naskeo has acquired technological expertise and, in some cases, has developed and patented its own technologies in partnership with INRA. For these technologies, Naskeo received first prize in the 2005 European Agro-Resources and Innovation Competition and is the winner of the 2005 and 2006 Ministry of Research and ANVAR Innovative Technology Companies Competition.

Our laboratory in Narbonne has an analytical chain and infrastructure enabling it to respond to specific and new problems of pollution treatment and/or the recovery of effluent or waste from industry, farmers or local authorities.


research laboratory
Establishment of the Naskeo – Narbonne research centre (11)
research laboratory
Pilot hall – 400m2 for pilot tests


Because operating a methanisation unit requires an understanding of living organisms, Naskeo Environnement offers you biological monitoring packages. Is the nitrogen in the ration too high? Is it embarrassing if volatile fatty acids have risen? The answer to all your questions is given to you by the biology specialists at Naskeo Environnement, each operator will have a professional in charge of the biological monitoring of his unit.