Naskeo would like you to benefit from its experience acquired on its many built units, to improve the availability and durability of your biogas unit.

Upon delivery of your unit, Naskeo provides you with the preventive maintenance plan, which includes details of all the work to be carried out on the equipment and their frequency. By entrusting preventive maintenance to Naskeo, you can be sure that all these operations are carried out on time and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. At the end of the year, it means fewer unplanned shutdowns, better availability and greater profitability.

Unexpected quality of the deposits, improper handling, no operator is immune to material damage even if the installations delivered by Naskeo are designed to prevent it. To protect you from penalizing stops of your unit while waiting for spare parts, Naskeo offers you a curative maintenance package and a stock of emergency parts. This package allows you to have a guarantee of intervention time and to be sure that all your equipment and critical parts are in stock.

Naskeo operates within the framework of a previously defined program and offers different packages:

  • Maintenance package: preventive maintenance, major maintenance and renewal of electromechanical equipment (pumps, agitators, crushers, hoppers, excluding loaders and purification equipment, biogas compression and injection).
  • Optimization package: free remote assistance, performing volatile fatty acid monitoring analyses, performing analyses of new inputs, biological monitoring of the unit, optimization of hydraulic and electrical adjustments by Naskeo technicians based on the substrates delivered to the installation, remote access to the installation via supervision in the event of a problem on the unit.

The objective is to avoid any unexpected failure of the methanisation unit so as not to have a stoppage of biogas production that would be extremely damaging to the economic profitability of a methanisation plant.