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Agricultural College of Obernai


Agricultural College of Obernai

(Cogeneration of 240 kW) – Obernai (67)

Realised by Naskeo Environment:

  • Preliminary design
  • Establishment of the ICPE file
  • Monitoring and integration of the spreading plan
  • Assistance for contracting of the heat and the deposit
  • Detailed studies
  • Request for sanitary approval
  • Project management of the work
  • Provision of the turnkey installation (civil engineering and process).

– Project company: Lycée agricole d’Obernai (67)

– Deposits: 18 000 tonnes per year including

2 000 tonnes of manure from the high school’s breeding bulls

500 tonnes of grape dregs

1 500 tons of crop silage

500 tonnes of grass clippings

3 500 tonnes of municipal, agricultural and food waste from the area

– Type of pre-treatment: Introduction of dry matter via a dry matter hopper with a feedscrew directly feeding the digester, pumping liquid via the RING from a concrete storage tank, heavy waste, decanting into the buried pit in a building then an increased temperature in the sanitation tank and storage in the buffer tank and then pumping into the methanisation tank.

– Biogas recovery: Cogeneration of 240 kW, initially 170 kW.

– Digestate recovery: Direct spreading.

– Method used: Completely mixed.

– Specific advantages: Hot water supply to Stoefler, a neighbouring farming company, viaa 250m heat network.

– Thermal recovery: Heating from the food industry.

Grants: 40%, including EPP (Energy Performance Plan), ERDF (European Regional Development Fund), Region of Alsace and the Pays de Sainte Odile Community of Communes (City of Obernai).

CO2 emissions avoided per year: 1 002 t of CO2 avoided per year. Equivalent to the electricity consumption of 287 families.

– Status of the project: In operation since April 2013.