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Equimeth (Injection of biomethane) – Ecuelles (77)

Realised by Naskeo Environment:

  • Pre-project summary
  • Establishment of the ICPE file
  • Monitoring and integration of the spreading plan and the building permit
  • Detailed studies
  • Request for sanitary approval

– Project company: Equimeth S.A. (77)

– Deposits: 30,000 tonnes per year including

20 000 tonnes of manure

5 000 tonnes of green waste

5 000 tonnes of biowaste


– Type of pretreatment: Grinding and sanitation.

– Biogas recovery: Injection of biogas into the network.

– Digestate recovery: Phase separation, spreading of solid digestates, in situ storage of the liquids in lagoons.

– Method used: Continuous dry process.

– Specific advantages: First biomethane injection agreement in île de France based on equine manure.

CO2 emissions avoided per year: 2 506 tonnes of CO2 avoided per year. Equivalent to the electricity consumption of 716 families.

– Status of the project: Start of construction planned for summer 2014.