Construction references

NP Pharm


NP Pharm

NP Pharm (25 kW boiler) – Bazainville (78)


Realised by Naskeo Environment:

  • Preliminary design
  • Detailed studies
  • Provision of the turnkey installation (process)

– Project company: NP Pharm (78)

– Deposits: 1 000 t/year of effluents containing sugar.

– Biogaz recovery: 25 kW boiler.


– Digestate recovery: Discharge into the sewage treatment plant.

– Thermal recovery: Recovery of the heat for the hot water supply to the plant via a 50m heat network.

CO2 emissions avoided per year:104 tonnes of CO2 avoided per year.

Equivalent to the electricity consumption of 30 families.

– Status of the project: In operation since 2007.